The Strawpocalypse is an art installation represents ‘The Parting of the Plastic Sea’, made from 168,000 drinking straws recovered off the streets of Vietnam and donated by individuals that committed to going plastic-straw free with the help of Zero Waste Saigon and Starbucks Vietnam.

It is currently hosted in the lobby of Estella Place in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Straws are used for minutes but take centuries to disappear.

Every 60 seconds, a truckload of plastic flows into the ocean.

By the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

The plastic pollution problem can often feel overwhelming.

But, as individuals, our actions have the power to make a difference. While the #strawpocalypse art installation was created to represent the threat that our oceans face from plastic pollution, we also hope that it will empower people to realize how their small daily actions can add up to have a massive impact.

We hope that this installation inspires people to start a conversation the next time they're offered a straw by simply saying " No Thanks"

Every action counts.

How we built the #Strawpocalypse

The Partners

The Non Profit

Zero Waste Saigon has built the largest community in Vietnam dedicated to raising awareness around the problems created by single-use plastics. They run education programs with schools, plan environmental-related events, and sell eco-friendly products.

The Sponsor

Starbucks has committed to reducing plastic in all of their chains worldwide by implementing discounts for those who bring their own cups along with mandatory mugs/glasses for those who drink on site. Most recently, they have begun to leave information leaflets challenging people to stop using straws at the condiment bars.

The Creative

Von Wong is a social-impact and multi-disciplinary artist that transforms numbers into art. He brings the community together around important issues to design emotional interactive experiences. The videos documenting his projects have gathered over 100 Million views online.


Keppel Land is one of Vietnam's pioneer and largest real estate investors with a diverse portfolio of properties.They have numerous CSR initiatives and are always looking for different ways to support and encourage environmental initiatives.


- What will happen to the straws after the exhibition ends?

At the moment we're trying to find a forever home for our installation. If you know a museum, corporation or institution that's interested in moving it, please let us know in the form below!

- How were the straws collected?

The straws were collected by volunteer cleanup groups all over Vietnam, coordinated by Zero Waste Saigon. Starbucks Vietnam also set up a number of collection points and asked their employees to pick through the trash every day and retrieve any straws that were potentially usable.

- Why would a company like Starbucks want to partner with you? Aren't they part of the problem?

Starbucks is one of the few places in Vietnam that offer in-store cups and mugs. They're also one of the few establishments that don't offer a straw, but rather wait for a customer to ask. With their global initiative to remove straws from all of their stores by 2020, Starbucks is trying their best to tackle the plastic challenge head-on


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